Due to the inadequacy of this vital material, water, we are at Sodak Water Department have sat back, observed and come up with physical planning, structural planning, design and management strategies to combat this prevailing lack of portable water for health and irrigation and poor sanitation situation in Nigeria especially from the grassroots.
  1. a) Provision of water facilities and expansion of already existing water schemes and sanitation within the country, state or rural communities.
  2. b) Design and provision of good quality water source from extraction to point of consumption as follows;

  • Through provision of boreholes, hand-dug wells, rain water harvest and damming and filtration of streams (where it exits).
  • Improve on existing facilities by rehabilitation and modernization of technical design.
  • Prevision and maintenance of distribution network to ensure lack of contamination along the pipelines.
  • Record keeping by means of detailed data collection on:
    • Water source
    • Volume pumped
    • Type of chemicals used
    • Type of pumps and pipes
    • Management of waste water
    • Sitting of pit latrines to ensure adequate sanitation within rural communities.

We Offer technical and training support to Federal Government, State Government, Parastatals and Private Individuals by means of training workshops and on-the-job field training sections for consultants and state water agents.

To make portable water available and affordable at domestic, commercial industrial level within Nigeria.
And in our sales department, what we don’t have, we can help you find, at the drilling department of SODAK VENTURES (Nig) Ltd.
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