Some Of The Organizations And Projects Carried Out By Sodak Ventures Nig Ltd,In the Past Till Present

  1. Unicef conterpart projects in;niger state, kaduna state,katsina state on rural and semi rural provision of portable
  2. Ccecc nig ltd;provision of water boreholes for their headquarters and project sites.
  3. British high commission; maintenance of all their water facitilities in abuja fct from 2007 till date.
  4. Transcorp hilton; design of water treatment plant and rehabilitation of water treatment plant.
  5. Sunnyvale estate,(netconstruct): provision of all the industrial boreholes serving the estate.
  6. Watccon ltd ; provision of water for chemical factory and water king factory/consultant on water solutions.
  7. Nysc ; provision of water borehole and vip latrines.
  1. Nicon Insurance; Provision And Maintenance Of Water Borehole.
  2. Provision Of Water Boreholes And Water Storage Facilities In All The Main Barracjs In Kaduna State 2008-2009.
  3. Defence HQ: Provision Of Water Treatmentplant And Rehabilitation/Maintenance Of Water Facilities.
  4. NNPC-PPMC SMPCS; Provision Of All Water Facilities Ie Water Reticulation For The Entire Estate, Industrial Boreholes, Solar Powered Boreholes, Industrial Water Storage Facilities.
  5. Industrial/ Domestic Provision Of Water For Govt,Agencies/ Organisations,  Parastatals And Individuals All Over Nigeria.
  6. Involved In All The Geotechnicals For Centenary City Fct.
  7. Geophysical Surveys Conducted All Over Nigeria.
  8. Training Consultancy And Project Designs And Monitoring Services All Over Nigeria.
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