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Sodak Drilling Department, scion of SODAK VENTURES (NIG) LTD is a drilling & Constancy waterwell and water engineering outfit equipped with competent equipments and experienced manpower to render the following services:

Drilling Operation

  •    Geophysical surveys (complete from sounding to interpretation)
  •     Borehole drilling, logging, design and installation
  •     Complete borehole rehabilitation
  •     Erection of storage tanks (overheads, surface and underground)
  •     Reticulation/distribution (pipeline works) works
  •     Water treatment for domestic and industrial usage
  •     Environmental impart assessment (including solid, liquid and gas analysis)
  •     Coring & ore deposit evaluation
  •     Soil tests (All categories)
  •     Solar pumping systems for boreholes

Water Treatment And Purification

  •     Portable water testing laboratory
  •     Water filtration via carbon and sand filters
  •     Chemical water dosing pumps
  •     Purification via Ultra Violet (VU) light
  •     Aerators and various media to take care of heavy metals (Iron, Manganese, Calcium etc) and other cations and anions occurring in excess in water.
  • Treatment of all physical, chemical and bacterial infections in water.

Borehole Project, Monitoring And Evaluation Dept

In this department, top priority is given to precision, quality and standards.

At SODAK, complete Borehole Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation include inspection or implementation of the following:

(1)     Training on community mobilization

  • VES Method
  • VES Interpretation of VES Graphs and Curves
  • Geology and previous works

(2)     Geophysical survey (from sounding to interpretation)

(3)     Borehole Drilling

          (i)      Inspection of mechanical state of Drilling rigs, compressors, and other drilling anxilliaries 

  • Training on drilling method best suited for type of formation
  • drilling depth to aquifer (Measurement using, weights, water level indicators, tapes etc).
  • Standardization Borehole procedures
  •  Standardization of casing and screen be it steel or uPVC (Measurement of their pressure ratings)
  • Borehole Design: (Casing and Screen tally)
  • Gravel pack materials (size and quality)
  • Borehole grouthing (civil works and depth)
(4)     Borehole Record Format
  1. Daily log/record
  2. Lithological Description of Formation at required interval
  3. Lithological profile
  4. Borehole Design
  5. Development Data
  6. Pump-test Data with graphs
  7. Water Quality Analysis with recommendation
  8. Training of host community at takeover and on regular maintenance.

All the above with other logistic issues, are taken into consideration in our monitoring and evaluation department.     

Training Consultancy/Services

  • Recruitment of drilling crew/staff that can drill on all formations within the country for waterwell/drilling outfits.
  • On-the-job training of site geologist/hydrogeologist to be able to supervise borehole drilling operations.
  • Training consultancy on borehole construction (hand pump cum submersible pump driven holes) and solar powered boreholes
  • Competent operation & maintenance personnel to handle repairs (rig machines, compressor machines and Driver)
  • Development of record sheets for borehole logging and operation records.



  • Drillings rigs: (new / refurbished)
  • Air compressors: (new / refurbished)
  • Geophysical survey equipments (Tarameter, EM etc)
  • Solar panels, supply and installation.
  • Drillings bits, drill pipes, Drilling Tools (DHD Hammers, Drilling Bits)
  • Construction and fabrication of drilling tools and swivel.
  • Supply and installation of casings and screens both A.P.I. steels and uPVC plastic casing.
  • Supply of all types of drilling chemicals, (Bentonite, Barite, Phosphates, Calgon, NAL-Extender etc.)
  • Setting up of water manufacturing industries (Sachets & Bottle Water)
  • What we do not have in our sales department, we can help you find.

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